This 4-Minute Workout Is Worth 1 Hour at the Gym

4-minute workout is an amazing thing to stay active and shed pounds. Regular physical activity and exercises are essential to the mental and physical health of almost every person, including older adults.

Short exercise can help you continue to do the stuff you enjoy and of course, stay independent as you age. Physical activities over time will produce long-lasting health benefits. That is why numerous health professionals claim that older adults need to be active every day in order to maintain their health.

4 Minute Workout

Moreover, regular physical activity and exercise could reduce the risk of developing various disabilities and diseases that develop as we grow older. In many cases, the workout is an effective treatment for numerous chronic conditions. For instance, studies found that people with diabetes, heart disease, or arthritis benefit from regular exercise. The regular 4-minute workout can also help people with balance problems, difficulty walking, and high blood pressure.

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Energetic, high-intensity exercises aren’t suitable for everyone, particularly in our time-poor age. However, that is no excuse to give up working out. In order to help you find the time for essential exercise, here is a set of 5 classic but seriously effective workouts that you can do in only 4 minutes.

  1. Squats

Time need to complete: 60 seconds

4-Minute Workout

Stand with the feet a slightly wider than shoulder-size apart. Then, start to lower the body, pushing the bottom backward, just like you were sitting on a chair. Make sure to keep your back straight as you are lowering into a squat. Get back to the starting point. This will work both your leg muscles and your glutes.

  1. Push-ups

Time need to complete: 30 seconds

4-Minute Workout

Take on the starting position (A). Put your hands shoulder-width apart; the feet, knees, and shoulders should be in a straight line. Start slowly lowering the body in the direction of the floor, tucking your elbows and bending your arms into your sides as you do so. Get back to the starting position. This will help you develop your triceps and chest muscles.

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  1. Mountain Climbers

Time need to complete: 30 seconds

4-Minute Workout

It is a relatively complex exercise that will help you both – to burn calories and strengthen abdominal muscles. Push up is your starting position – stretching the abs, lift the right foot off the floor and gradually bring the knee to the chest. Keep the hips and your back straight and fixed in position. Get back to the starting position. Then, repeat this exercise using the left leg.

  1. Lunges

Time need to complete: 60 seconds

4-Minute Workout

Place your hands on the hips by standing tall with the legs shoulder-width apart. Take a wide step forward with the left foot, lower the body till the front knee is bent to 90° and the back one just about touches the ground. Push yourself back up to the starting point and then, repeat the move with your right leg. It is significant here to keep the back straight at all times.

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  1. Jumping Jacks

Time need to complete: 45 seconds

4-Minute Workout

Since jumping jacks can help you to improve your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, they are included in US military training courses. Start by standing up straight with the arms down by the sides. Next, jump by moving the feet out to the side and at once raise your hands above the head. Straightaway jump back to the initial position. Repeat the exercise. 

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This kind of 4-minute workout can be quite beneficial for every person no matter their age. These repetitive workouts done at certain interval are really effective at burning calories in a very short amount of time. Being active in small ways during the day can make a huge difference. Short stretches of 4 minutes can be helpful when they add up to 28 minutes on most days of the week.

However, there are numerous everyday activities, which provide an opportunity to be active and get various health benefits.

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