Kim Kardashian’s Trauma: This is How She Actually Feels Right Now

Kim Kardashian’s trauma is an unpleasant event that recently took place after Paris robbery. No matter you like her or not (as a person or celebrity), what happened to her was terrible and is what’s even worse is happening to many “ordinary” people every day. When someone goes through a frightening experience, you’d expect the reaction would be empathy and concern.

According to teenVogue, Kim Kardashian West was reportedly gagged, bound, and robbed at gunpoint by 5 masked men, and some persons put the blame on her. Many Twitter commenters criticized the reality star for not having better security, bringing too many valuables with her, and flaunting her rich life on the social network. Essentially, a terrifying and horrible thing happened to Mrs. Kardashian West.

Kim Kardashian’s Trauma

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The celebrity is still in shock and blaming herself for what happened. The incident is making her question everything – what she does and how she dresses, said People.

However, self-blame after a trauma is, unfortunately, common. According to Janet Zinn, a psychotherapist “The mind wants to make sense of what happened.”

Kim is a very public figure, whose livelihood is engaged in reaching out to fans,” says Dr. Varma “The end goal should be moving toward acceptance and rebuilding.”

Kim Kardashian better is prepared for a lengthy healing process, according to mental health experts. Even though it has been over a month since the torment, her inner nightmare is likely very far from over.

According to Dr. Varma, individuals who experienced a dangerous event, such as a car accident or fire, usually, suffer from acute stress disorder. They feel the loss of day-to-day safety and a major lack of trust, which is revealed in disturbing ways.

Depression is one common side effect, and along with that, concentration problems and trouble sleeping.

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The good news? The most victims of trauma improve within a month. The bad news? You will never be the same, even once recovery has begun, Dr. Varma claims.  You will be unable to trust in people as fully as before and the old you won’t exist anymore, which means you might be saying good-bye to the playful, carefree Kim who talks about her lovely babies, jokes about her body, and Taylor Swift feud.

Moreover, a minority of individuals who have survived trauma (according to the American Psychological Association, around 8.7%) will develop PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). This disorder has the exact same symptoms as acute stress disorder, though, instead of resolving after a short time, it actually becomes a chronic condition.

In general, individuals who develop PTSD have risk factors, such as prior trauma, a family history of depression, or pre-existing anxiety. The earlier you can nip it in the bud – the better the recovery.

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Treatment commonly includes talk therapy with a professional, as well as with family members and trusted friends. Many persons will go to lengths to avoid discussing what happened, however, avoidance reinforces for the brain that there is something to be scared of, that actually worsens anxiety. Instead, the aim is to gradually normalize what occurred so that you can start getting back to normal.

Then again, is understandable that Kim Kardashian’s trauma and the trauma of every person who experienced similar events, do not want to put all the details out there for the entire world to see. Cutting out the social network and instead of surrounding yourself with the closest family and a support group helps to remind persons who have experienced trauma that they aren’t at fault.

Learning about the stages of curing can be uplifting, upsetting, motivating, and distressing. But, no matter how you actually feel, your reaction isn’t wrong. Recognizing your emotional response to the healing stages will allow you to tie together your emotions’ energy and talk to a therapist.




Trauma is a disturbing event in which an individual feel severely threatened physically, psychologically, and emotionally. Most persons will experience a traumatic episode at some point in their lives, such as a violent criminal act, car accident, neglect or abuse, the sudden death of a loved one, exposure to a natural disaster or the violence of war. Many individuals recover from trauma with time and with the support of family and friends, but for others, the trauma effects are long-lasting, causing an individual to live in emotional pain, posttraumatic stress, confusion, fear far after the incident has passed.

Frequently, the guidance, support, and support of mental health professionals is essential to healing from trauma. Mrs. Kim Kardashian’s trauma is something that, unfortunately, often happens in the celebrity life, but the best professionals in the world are usually hired to help these people so the results are positive in most cases.
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