Live Music Reduces Stress Hormones! (Scientists Prove Something You Always Believed to Be True)

Live music reduces stress hormones – a recent study has shown.  For the first time, a research has proven that attending a public music event could induce a measurable effect on a person’s internal hormone levels. Cortisol, the “stress hormone”, was decreased across the board, among other enthralling changes.

Many times science takes a little while to demonstrate things that people have always believed to be true. This research is a prime example, merging neatly into a common understanding.

There are no societies on this planet that don’t have a musical heritage of certain description.

The emotional and primal aspects of listening to, and participate in, musical activities are well-known.

Over the decades, the research of music has extended from a purely analytical study of the music itself to a reflection on the mental aspects of listening to music.

live music reduces stress hormones

At that point, as technology advanced, musical study moved into the flourishing discipline of neuroscience, forming the term “neuro-musicology.” This brand-new field hopes to answer some questions like – can music influence our mind? Are there any measurable alterations in hormones? And, probably the most difficult question – why does music affect our brain?

Over the last couple of years, numerous studies have set out to discover the chemical effects of listening to music. These researchers have measured changes in various parameters including hormones, neurotransmitters, vital signs, cytokines, immunoglobulins, and lymphocytes.

According to Daisy Fancourt, a research associate at the Centre for Performance Science in the UK, music definitely does impact numerous biological systems. All the studies have almost entirely been conducted in laboratory conditions or clinical settings, using recorded, instead of living, music. However, from an operational point of view, this makes good sense as it aids to control as many variables as possible.

Fancourt, though, decided to precisely measure the effect of attending a live music event on steroid hormone levels. Could the feelings that we have all experienced in our lives, be measured scientifically?

Live Music Reduces Stress Hormones: The Research

 Scientists studied 117 participants, divided into 2 groups. The volunteers in both groups attended a music concert by composer Eric Whitacre. The 1st group attended a concert at Gloucester Cathedral, and the 2nd one – at the Union Chapel in London.

Before the performances – the volunteers provided saliva samples, and again during the interval 1 hour later. Testing the samples for levels of cortisone and cortisol, scientists recorded across-the-board drops in the 2nd samples. As the researchers claim, this was the first initial evidence that attending a music event could have an influence on endocrine activity.

22 previous studies also found reductions in levels of cortisol, but this is the first time that it has been proven in a live setting. It’s also the 1st time that a related reduction in cortisone has been demonstrated.

This submits there is a universal response to music event attendance among members of the audience.

Cortisol is produced by our bodies under psychological or physical stress.  It could have positive effects in small amounts, improving well-being and alertness. However, recurrently elevated levels of cortisol could worsen health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, impotence, and hypertension.

But, researchers noted that these studies focused only on the effect of quite calm, classical music; more investigation will be looked-for to determine whether other genres of music provoke different effect or whether attending some other forms of cultural occasions has a different endocrine impact.

The experts are careful to note that the research was relatively small – still, the majority of the result do add weight to many previous studies.

Remarkably, the results were noteworthy regardless of the age of the volunteers, their experience at music concerts or their general musical abilities.

The researchers ‘team plans to continue their studies, possibly charting the hormonal impact of other music genres. It will be exciting to note whether cortisol levels spike or dip during a rave or a heavy metal gig.

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Experts found a great news that live music reduces stress hormones and improves people’s mental state. This research opens up the question of how appealing with music and the skills in cultural settings can influence psychological and biological states and, accordingly, the potential of cultural events to enhance persons ‘health and well-being.

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