6 BEST Drinks for Your Health

Have you even wondered which drinks are good for your health, except for water?

If your answer is “Yes.”, “Yeah!”, or “Hell yeah!” then continue reading, because Your Health Tubers dedicate this article to the best drinks for your health. 

Except for fat tissue and bone, most of the human body is water. Our bodies are made of up to 73% water. Therefore, it is truly important to get enough fluids during the day in order to function properly 1  2 . Water is the greatest foundation of course, but there are also some other really beneficial drinks for our health.

Liquids do many things in the body, such as:

  • Helping in the digestion process
  • Helping to control the body temperature
  • Carrying needed nutrients in our body
  • Removing waste material from our body

Best Drinks for Your Health

Green Vege Juice drinks

Not including water, here are the best top 6 beverages that combine hydration with incredible health benefits! 

  1. Orange Juice 

orange juiceStart your day with a glass of fresh orange juice and defend yourself from cold and flu. Orange juice is one of the most refreshing beverages and an excellent source of vitamin C. Due to its powerful antioxidant properties it can protect you against various diseases, including lung cancer and cataracts 3 . Orange juice will boost your immune system and give you energy.

A perfect way to start your day! Good morning, Mr. Orange Juice!

  1. Lemon Water 

This is definitely my personal favorite because every single morning I wake up with a glass of warm water with some fresh lemon juice in it. It supports natural detoxification and helps digestion. Lemon water also provides an immune system boost with its significant amount of vitamin C. It is a real natural antiseptic because it has an ability to kill bad bacteria in the mouth 4 .

Arrivederci chemical-laden mouthwash!

  1. Coconut Water 

coconut waterPure coconut water is an astounding rehydration beverage. It is very low in naturally occurring sugar and it has no artificial additives. Coconut water contains various vitamins and minerals, such as B-group vitamins, manganese, iodine, zinc, ascorbic acid, selenium, and sulfur 5 .

Rehydrate your body with a glass of coconut water after exercise or any time of the day! Enjoy the tropical taste of coconut!

  1. Kombucha kombucha

It is a fermented, lightly tea drink that is rich in probiotics. We recommend you to make Kombucha tea at home and embrace the greatest health benefits of this beverage. The healthy bacteria in Kombucha tea help to fight candida, aid digestion, and manage bloating 6 . It also helps to stabilize your mood and improve your mental health.

Add some ginger or turmeric in it for even more anti-inflammatory benefits! Enjoy health!

  1. Green Juice 

This natural juice is full of nutrients and will make your feel naturally energize during the day. Green juice supports detoxification and it will help you to remove toxins out from your body 7 . You can prepare various green juices by using cucumber, kale, celery, broccoli, spinach, zucchini and much more.

Feel the nature and relax! Here you can find some great green juice recipes: LINK

  1. Herbal Tea valerian-tea

Herbal teas have numerous health benefits, including antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, energy-boosting, calming and immune-strengthening properties 8 . Every herb has its unique benefits.

As some of the most beneficial herbal teas, Your Health Tubers recommend you chamomile, elderflower, lemongrass, peppermint, ginger, turmeric, and St. John Worth tea. It’s time for tea!

So, what are you waiting for – get yourself some tasty and healthy drink!



A common recommendation is to consume 7 to 8-ounce glasses of water or other healthy drink every day. However, certain adults may need less or more, depending on their lifestyle, how much they exercise, and how dry or hot the climate is.

Most people don’t really like to drink water and consider it as a tasteless boring liquid. Hence, these drinks could be an ideal thing to everyone, in order to consume more and healthier liquids during the day.

Remember, drinking water should be your first priority.

Have a nice day! …and share this article with the ones you love!

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