7 Ways to Substitute Sugar with Honey (and Enjoy Food Even More)

The benefits of honey have been acknowledged for centuries, however, today there is scientific research proving its incredible healing properties. So, in order to feel the health benefits of honey, you should include it as much as you can in your well-balanced diet.

Sugar is probably the most used sweetener in the world.  But, since refined sugar is not good for our health, the best thing to do is substitute sugar with honey.

Honey is regurgitated flower nectar from bees. It’s exceptionally nutrient-rich and nutritious ingredient which can — and probably should — be included into any diet as an alternative to refined sugar.

One research found that the inherent antimicrobial properties of raw honey hinder the development of harmful microbes. Another published research proved that raw honey can be beneficial for health ailments such as heartburn, acid reflux, colds, infections, and burns.

Substitute Sugar with HoneySubstitute Sugar with Honey

Unluckily, not all honey is made equal. Most honey that you can found at the supermarket or local grocery store has undergone high-temperature pasteurization so it could create a smooth texture, remove impurities, and delay crystallization. The heating process might be necessary to ease any harmful bacteria in mass-produced honey, though, it also kills any beneficial enzymes which give the honey its remarkable health properties. Therefore, when buying, just look at the label to ensure you’re getting organic, “unfiltered “honey.

Although raw honey is yummy enough to be consumed on its own by the spoon, we offer you some other ways to include this natural sweetener into your diet as a substitute of refined sugars.

Ways to Substitute Sugar with Honey 

Here are 7 ideas to substitute sugar with honey:

  1. Lemonade

A fresh lemonade in summer or warm lemon water in winter goes ideally with a teaspoon of honey. Lemonade and honey are something like Bonnie and Clyde – they will keep you away from the common cold and provide you numerous health benefits.

  1. Salad Dressings

The sweetness of honey goes perfectly with the inherent acidity of many salad dressings. A fruit salad with some honey is a delicious snack! Substitute sugar with honey in the classic Italian fruit salad – Salata de fructe Macedonia – and enjoy its rich taste!

Do you like Italian recipes? Check out this delicious Mediterranean pizza: LINK

  1. Granola

Honey can provide an added pop of pleasantness to your homemade granola. You can prepare simple, no-bake granola and add some honey in it, and enjoy a delicious breakfast with a cup of tea.

  1. Tea

Start your morning by adding a tablespoon of honey in your favorite tea. Honey does more than just sweeten tea: It’s antibacterial possessions pair with the phytonutrients and antioxidants of the tea. Adding a raw honey in your tea may even help you breathe easier.

  1. Milk

A teaspoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm milk is an ideal “goodnight drink’! In case you are sensitive to lactose, replace the traditional cow’s milk with a non-dairy substitute. I suggest almond milk as a tasty option.

  1. Plain yogurt

Whole fat yogurt could have an off-putting tang that makes honey the perfect ingredient to counterbalance the tartness. These 2 ingredients also pair well together in various frozen snacks and fruit yogurts, like this one: LINK

  1. Coffee

There are various healthy ways to sweeten your latte, but not all of them provide the same benefits as a teaspoon of organic honey.




Is Honey better than sugar? Raw honey has a lower glycemic index value than sugars, which means it doesn’t raise the levels of blood sugar as quickly. Organic honey is sweeter than sugar, therefore, you can use less of it, though is does have a little more calories per tsp. so it is wise to keep a close eye on the portion sizes. For diabetics or people who try to control their blood sugar levels, there are no real advantages to replacing sugar for honey as both will eventually affect blood sugar levels.

So, if you do prefer honey, always choose a raw variety that contains more enzymes, vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants than refined sugar and tries to use it in moderation.  However, the above-stated tips can be a great way to substitute sugar with honey, enjoy food more, and live a healthier life.


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