Top 10 Foods to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

Boost your immune system with healthy foods. These foods will build up your immune system to prevent colds, flu, and many other illnesses.

Feeding your body with particular foods can help to strengthen your immune system. These great foods will help you stay healthy and strong enough to escape the seasonal cold and flu 1 .

Top 10 Foods to Boost Your Immune System Naturally

  1. Spinach

Spinach is considered as a super food for the health. It is loaded with nutrients and has numerous health benefits.

Spinach is full of powerful antioxidants. It can rise the infection-fighting abilities of the immune system. Spinach is an excellent source of iron, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin K 2 .

It should be cooked as less as possible to keep its remarkable nutrients.

  1. Garlicgarlic

Garlic has great antiviral and antibacterial properties. Garlic can help keep both viral and bacterial infections at bay 3 .

In order to stay healthy have 1 crushed garlic pod every morning on an empty stomach.

  1. Citruscitrus-fruits

Citrus fruits include lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits, in addition to pomelos and tangerines. They are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C. Citrus can help to maintain brain function, and keep the bones in great shape 4 .

Citrus fruits are incredible immune system boosters. They are a natural source of sweetness.

Consume natural citrus juices every morning, and eat citrus fruits.

  1. Yogurtyogurt

Yogurt is a great source of vitamin D. A regular intake of probiotics can improve the work of the immune system. Yogurt can also improve digestion 5 .

You can add some berries to your yogurt cup for additional super-benefits and taste. You can also drink Greek yogurt to boost your immune system.


  1. Red Bell Peppers Red-Bell-Peppers

The red bell peppers contain 2 times more vitamin C than citrus fruits. They are also an amazing source of beta-carotene, vitamin A, and folate.

You can eat raw red bell peppers, add them to pizza, or salads. These peppers are an incredible source of immune-supporting nutrients.

  1. Turmericturmeric

For centuries, turmeric has been used as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. Today, turmeric is a key ingredient in many medicines and cuisines.

It can help to reduce fever, inflammation, and boost your immune system 6 .

Consume turmeric mixed with black pepper for better health results.

  1. Matcha – Green Tea matcha-tea

An antioxidants, known as polyphenols, give the immune-boosting effects of green tea.

Matcha is a Japanese green tea. It is the most nutrient-rich green tea. It comes in the form of a grounded powder, totally unfermented.

Your Health Tubers strongly recommend you Matcha green tea. It has 17 times more antioxidants than wild blueberries, and 7 times more than a dark chocolate.

You can consume green tea along with lemon and honey.

  1. Broccolibrocolli

Broccoli contains a great number of vitamins, such as A, C, and E. It also has many minerals and antioxidants. Broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world.

A chemical in broccoli can help to restore the immune system as we age. Broccoli is full of powerful disease-fighting compounds, therefore, you should have them regularly on your table.

  1. Carrots carrots

Carrots are an extraordinary source of beta carotene.

In order to stay healthy, eat raw carrots along with broccoli, cauliflower, and other veggies as appetizers. You can also add them to a soup, or other soothing meal when you’re ill. 

  1. Gingerginger

Ginger has a high content of vitamin C. It reduces the symptoms of cold sweating, nausea, dizziness, and vomiting.

Ginger can reduce high levels of cholesterol and decrease chronic pain 7 . However, one of its best properties is the ability to strengthen the immune system.

You can consume ginger fresh, powdered, or dried as a spice.



All of these foods have really powerful assets that can boost your immune system. Our immune system needs balance and harmony to function well.

Include these 10 great foods in your diet, make sure to wash your hands regularly, and try to get enough sleep, too. That is the best formula to boost your immune system.

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