Want to Stay Young? Eat Green! These 2 Powerful Foods Are the Answer

Eat green and enjoy being young! A group of researchers from the University of Iowa found that eating green apples (unpeeled) and green tomatoes can help reduce muscle aging and muscle loss in elderly years 1 .

Eat Green Apples and Green Tomatoes: The Research

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According to the researchers, people who eat green apples and green tomatoes for at least 2 months may experience the benefits, which are attributed to the potent chemicals tomatine and ursolic acid that are present in green tomatoes and green apple peel and respectively 2 .

Gene alteration initiated by a protein called ATF4 is accountable for muscle wastage in the older people but researchers said that tomatine and ursolic acid may significantly decrease the activity of this protein, which in turn decreases muscle decay and aging. The chemicals could prevent muscle decay as they disable genes that the ATF4 usually activates.

According to the researcher, Christopher Adams, an internal medicine professor, tomatine and ursolic acid appear to have a great potential as implements for dealing with atrophy and muscle weakness during aging 3 .

Moreover, by decreasing ATF4 activity, tomatine, and ursolic acid allows skeletal muscle to recuperate from effects of aging. Adams and the other experts in the research hope that the results of the study will help determine the precise factors that cause aging in people 4 .

Why these green foods are so special?

  • Green Tomatoesgreen tomatoe

Green tomatoes contain tomatine, an alkaloid that can fight cancer cells. Tomato plants use their tomatine content to fight bacteria, viruses, insects, and fungi.  The researchers found that green tomato extract can strongly inhibit human cancer cell lines of the colon, breast, liver, and stomach 5  6 . A green tomato is also a rich source of many essential vitamins (including Vitamin C, vitamin A, Vitamin K, and B-Complex Vitamins), minerals, antioxidants, protein, and fiber.

These tomatoes can help prevent premature aging and protect the immune system.  Vitamin C also helps the absorption of iron in the body, therefore, it’s truly beneficial to eat green tomatoes in a combination with some source of iron, such as poultry, meat, spinach, fish, or supplement.

  • Green Apples

green appleGreen apples provide numerous beauty and health benefits, especially when compared to red ones. The most significant green apple benefit is its dietary fiber content that aids in the regulation of the bowel movements and thus helps in the overall digestive process. Due to the high fiber content, these apples, in turn, offer another incredible benefit — prevention of colon cancer. The high levels of fiber in the green apple can help to reduce the levels of cholesterol. Green apple can also prevent digestive tract problems and reduce liver problems. Furthermore, they can help prevent diarrhea, as well as gout and constipation.

If you’re a person focused on your skin health and beauty, then green apples are the ideal food for you. They contain vitamins A, B, C, and E. If you regularly eat green apples (unpeeled) they will help in the whitening of skin — and keep the skin fresh and glowing.

Green apples contain both polyphenol and flavonoid — all forms of antioxidants. These powerful antioxidants can prevent DNA damage and various forms of cancer. Don’t have an appetite? There is nothing to worry about! Green apples contain organic acids that can improve your appetite. Therefore, if you suffer from low appetite as a reason of intestinal peristalsis, you can help this by consuming green apples. These apples are also a fantastic energy giver!  They contain carbohydrates that are mostly good for people leading a hectic life or playing any type of sport.




The results clarify ATF4 as a critical mediator of age-linked atrophy and muscle weakness, according to the reports of the study published in the Journal of Biological Chemistry (Sept. 3) 7 . Furthermore, these outcomes identify tomatine and ursolic acid as potential agents or/and principal compounds for decreasing ATF4 activity, atrophy, and weakness in aged skeletal muscle.

Even though the benefits of the 2 potent chemicals have already been proven in mice, further research still needs to be done in people. However, many previous studies have proven that people who eat green apples and green tomatoes are healthier.


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