Excessive Sweating: 14 Great Natural Remedies

Excessive sweating, or hyperhidrosis, can disrupt your daily activities. This condition can affect the entire body or just some areas, especially your soles, palms, face or underarms. The type that usually affects the feet and hands causes at least one occurrence a week, mostly during waking hours.

Natural Remedies for Excessive Sweating 

Sweating is a natural mechanism that controls the temperature of our body. However, some people are prone to sweat more than others. There are some effective medical and self-treatments for excessive sweating, but there are also great natural home remedies that may help you eliminate this embarrassing and irritating problem easily.

  1. Sage Tea – it is a great natural remedy that can treat hyperhidrosis. Consume sage tea 2-3 times a day. In summer, you can drink it cold by adding 2 ice cubes. Sage is rich in Vitamin B and magnesium that can reduce the activity of sweat glands. Sage tea is particularly effective for extreme sweating in the underarms. You can also mix sage and green tea that is also a good remedy for hyperhidrosis.
  1. Apple Cider Vinegar & Organic Vinegar – if you read our blog, you already know the incredible health benefits of apple cider vinegar that we often talk about in our articles, so here we can just say that apple cider vinegar is also an excellent remedy for treating hyperhidrosis. Simply mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and 2 teaspoons of natural vinegar and consume it 3 times a day, half an hour before having a meal.
  1. Tea Tree Oil – it is proven fungus fighter and has natural astringents. Tea tree oil may help you to reduce sweating when applied to your high perspiring parts.
  1. Tomato Juice – it is rich in vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients. It also contains lycopene which is a powerful antioxidant that promotes good health. In order to get rid of excessive sweating, drink a glass of fresh tomato juice every day.
  1. Potato – it is an easiest and maybe the oldest known remedy for treating extreme sweating. Just cut a few slices of potato and rub them under the arms and other areas that sweat more.
  1. Lemon – it is a well-known remedy that can treat many health conditions. Lemon can be also used to treat hyperhidrosis due to its great content of citric acid that can help destroy bacteria. Just mix ½ teaspoon of baking soda and 2 tablespoons of lemon and apply it on your underarms or another part of your body that requires treatments. Leave if for 30 minutes to act and wash off with some cold water in the end.
  1. Wheatgrass Juice – a glass of wheatgrass juice a day can help you treat the problem of excessive sweating. This juice is a rich source of vitamin B6, folic acid, protein, vitamin B12, and vitamin C. It can neutralize the acids in the body and help you reduce extreme sweating.
  1. Witch Hazel – it has amazing antiperspirant and astringent properties. This herb is well-known for treating many skin ailments and various health conditions. A tea from Witch Hazel is a great natural remedy for treating hyperhidrosis.
  1. Baking Soda and Cornstarch – in order to get rid of extreme sweating of the underarm, you should mix equal amounts of cornstarch and baking soda and apply that under the arms. Leave if for 30 minutes and rinse it off in the end. You may also add some nice essential oil as a deodorant into this mixture.
  1. Tannins, Tannic Acid – has great health benefits due to its potent anti-microbial properties. Just steep 2-3 tea bags in the boiling water. Leave it to cool down. After that, immerse the palms in it.
  1. Salt & Lime Juice – just mix one tablespoon of salt with 2-3 tablespoons of lime juice and massage the hands and feet with this refreshing mixture. Leave it for 40-45 minutes to act and rinse off in the end. This combination can decelerate the activity of sweat glands and reduce extreme sweating.
  1. Coconut Oil – has a multitude of health benefits. Just infuse about 10 g of camphor in a pot of coconut oil and apply some on the sweat prone places to treat this issue naturally.
  1. Black Tea – it contains tannic acid and can be a great remedy that can treat extreme sweating. Tannic acid can neutralize the area that is prone to sweating and constrict the sweat glands making them sweat less. If you use this remedy for your underarms, you can soak 2 tea bags into a warm water, and place them under your arms for about 10 -15 minutes. Make a black tea and apply some on your hands and feet. Alternately, you can make 2-3 cups of black tea and pour them into a bowl then soak your feet or/and hands.
  1. Grapes – believe it or not, eating grapes can help you treat many health problems as well as excessive sweating. Grapes have natural antioxidants and can balance the temperature of the body. 

Homeopathic Remedies for Excessive Sweating 

Except for home treatments, homeopathic remedies can be also beneficial in getting rid of extreme sweating.

  • Sulfur: Excessive sweating on underarms, soles, and palms.
  • Calcarea carbonica: Sweaty and cold hands and feet. Can also treat extreme sweating on the chest and upper body.
  • Silica: Abundant sweating of underarms, head, feet, and hands.
  • Lycopodium: Offensive and sticky sweat of the underarms and feet).
  • Ignatia: Good for excessive sweating of the palms. It is one of the premier remedies suited for nervous, sensitive, and easily excited people.

How to Prevent Excessive Sweating?

Here are some excellent tips that can help you prevent hyperhidrosis:

  • Do not take the stress;
  • Drink plenty of water;
  • Avoid taking hot baths;
  • Bring down the intake of caffeine;
  • Shun hot drinks;
  • Avoid using harsh soap or deodorant;
  • Reduce the extra flab;
  • Wear loose fitting clothes;
  • Avoid synthetic fabrics, like polyesters and nylons. Wear clothes made of natural fiber, as cotton.
  • Stave off from cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol;
  • Shave your underarms and groin parts regularly;
  • Avoid consuming spicy, sugary and chemically-processed products, and
  • Try to keep your body temperature cool.



Excessive sweating could be challenging to treat and it may take a while to find a treatment right for you. Doctors often recommend starting with some least invasive treatments first, as powerful antiperspirants. However, antiperspirants can irritate your skin and even destroy your clothing. For that reason, natural remedies may help you decrease the symptoms without causing any side effects. Some simple steps can also help you prevent and reduce hyperhidrosis.

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