6 Favorite Foods That Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol, also known as lipid, is a fat-like substance, crucial for the normal functioning of human’s body.

Having an extremely high level of lipids in the blood (hyperlipidemia) can have a huge impact on your health. High cholesterol itself does not usually cause any symptoms, but it increases the risks of serious health conditions.

If you are worried about your cholesterol levels, it is natural to think about the foods that you should ban from your diet. Maybe you already read enough about foods that can lower cholesterol level, or maybe you even practice a particular diet regimen. But, the same foods and ingredients can be quite boring sometimes, and we simply want to try something else that is also healthy and beneficial for us, and our condition.


See Stay Share talked to a few experts and nutritionists for their list of further cholesterol-slashing foods with science on their side.

So, if you are interested in adding new healthy foods in your diet, you can eat more of the following foods as part of your cholesterol-lowering plan:

Instead of Olive Oil, you can try Avocado Oil

Lately, avocado oil has become an incredibly popular oil among many health conscious individuals. Avocado oil, delivered from the flesh of the avocado fruit, is among the few plant oils that are not extracted from the seed. This oil will add an amazing flavor and richness to your diet.

Cooking tips: Use avocado oil as you use extra-virgin olive oil in vinaigrettes, dips, pesto, on sliced or drizzled tomatoes, etc. We personally recommend you to mix it with balsamic vinegar in order to prepare a tasty and healthy salad dressing. 

  1. Instead of Salmon, you can choose Sablefish 

Are you so over Salmon fish? Next time when you visit a grocery store, you can buy Sablefish instead of Salmon. They are found in the North Pacific Ocean. Wild Canadian sablefish has a rich sweet flavor with large sleek white flakes. It is rich in omega-3 fatty acids just like the Salmon fish, which makes it one of the healthiest foods in the world.

Cooking tips: Sablefish has a unique taste and texture, which gets it from the high oil content. That makes it ideal for roasting, grilling, broiling, poaching, and pan searing. It also goes perfectly with sauces, spice rubs, and different salsas. 

  1. [the_ad id=”6214″]Instead of Peanut Butter, you can pick out Almond Butter 

Almond butter is a tasty food paste made from almonds. It is a great source of monounsaturated fat, magnesium, phosphorus, and calcium.

Cooking tips: If you think there is nothing better than peanut butter, try almond butter sweetened with some honey, as an energy-boosting, healthy snack version. You can add almond butter to your oatmeal, smoothies or toasts.

Prepare your own almond butter for better health results. 

  1. Instead of Flaxseed, you can select Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are exceptionally nutritious and so rich in protein, healthy fats, and several minerals. They have more protein the most of the seeds. These seeds offer an abundance of health benefits.

Cooking tips: You can add hemp seeds to fruit salads, cereals, yogurt, various soups, cooked whole grains, and stir-fries. 

  1. Instead of Green Tea try a cup of Matcha Tea 

Matcha is a specially grown powdered green tea that is a part of the traditional Chinese tea ceremony. It has 137 times more antioxidants than a regular green tea.

Cooking tips: In modern times, matcha powder is used to flavor and dye foods, like soba and mochi noodles, green tea ice cream, and a variety of cookies. You can drink Matcha tea 1-2 times per day. 

  1. Instead of Oatmeal, you can choose Quinoa Flakes 

Quinoa flakes are a great gluten-free breakfast idea! Organic quinoa flakes are just quinoa rolled into a thin flake.

Cooking tips: They are commonly used to prepare a nutritious hot breakfast cereal together with dry fruits and nuts, coating for cooking chicken or fish, making pancakes and waffles, baking various cookies and muffins.



Just as important, a healthy diet that is heavy on vegetables, fruits, nuts, and beans, is good for our body in ways beyond lowering cholesterol. A healthy food keeps our blood pressure in check and helps arteries stay responsive and flexible. It is also good for our vision, mental and digestive health, and bones.

Remember, what you do consume is really important in decreasing “bad” cholesterol and raising “good” cholesterol.

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