9 Health Benefits of Green Apples + Recipe

Green apples on an empty stomach can keep you healthy and energized through the day. These apples are native to Australia and are also known as ‘Granny Smith’. They are much more easily preserved in storage than other types of apples, a factor that has significantly contributed to its success in export markets.

‘Granny Smith’ apples have huge health qualities, they are rich in essential vitamins, minerals, fiber, and proteins. Green apples are well-known for regulating glucose levels 1 , fighting digestive disorders, improving your appetite, and their low levels of cholesterol. What makes these apples very unique is their ability to keep your teeth healthy and make them shiny and white.

Health Benefits of Green ApplesHealth Benefits of Green Apples

As we mentioned, there are numerous green apple benefits. Here are some of the most significant health benefits of ‘Granny Smith’ apples:

  1. Dietary Fiber Content

This is probably one of the most important benefits of green apple. They have a high fiber content that helps in the regulation of the bowel movements and therefore, helps in the complete digestive process.

  1. Lower Cholesterol

The high levels of fiber can reduce the high levels of cholesterol already present in the body. ‘Granny Smith’ have the benefit of giving your gut a sense of satisfaction, so you do not tend to overindulge with them. Furthermore, green apples do not contain any bad cholesterol. So, one can easily decrease their weight and still stay healthy by eating green apples.

  1. Reduce Chance of Cancer

The American Institute for Cancer Research recommends consuming plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially apples 2 . The high antioxidant content of green apple ranks among the greatest for fruits and studies show that antioxidants help prevent some types of cancer 3 . According to many scientists, the risk of lung cancer can particularly be lowered through apples’ antioxidants 4 . Moreover, Granny Smith has high fiber content and are proven to reduce the possibility of colon cancer drastically.

  1. Prevent Digestive and Liver Problems

These apples can also prevent many digestive tract problems and can reduce liver issues. Green apple can help prevent diarrhea, as well as gout and constipation and gout. This apple contains both Maleic as well as tartaric acid, thus helping to decrease the chances of indigestion 5 .

  1. Contain Antioxidants

‘Granny Smith’ apples contain both polyphenol and flavonoid – all sorts of antioxidants. Due to their high content of powerful antioxidants, these apples can prevent DNA damage and cancer 6 .

  1. Ease Digestion

If you’ve eaten something heavy and you are worried about whether your gut can take it, you can just go ahead and eat a ‘Granny Smith’ apple. These apples have enzymes that can help ease the digestion.

  1. Control Your Appetite

Green apple secretes organic acid that may help your appetite. Therefore, if you have a low appetite because of intestinal peristalsis, you can improve it by consuming ‘Granny Smith’ regularly.

  1. Give You Energy

These apples are amazing energy boosters. They have carbohydrates that are mostly good for individuals leading a hectic life or playing any kind of sport. 

  1. Clean Your Teeth

Not only are they great for your body, but apples are also good for the teeth. Eating a green apple on an empty stomach every morning or every evening can actually help in brightening and cleansing the teeth, because of their acidic nature they act as an astringent to the teeth. However, don’t peel the apple – the fiber in the skin is crucial in this process.

Beauty Benefits of ‘Granny Smith’

Green apple isn’t just good for person’s health, but it’s also one of the best fruits when it comes to aging and beauty. Certainly, restoration of the beauty can be considered a health benefit, since this apple aid cleanses your skin and keep your gums and teeth healthy. So, in addition to providing beauty benefits, ‘Granny Smith’ is also natural beauty therapist.

  • If you’re focused on your skin health and beauty, then you’ll truly reap the benefits of ‘Granny Smith’. They contain vitamins A, B, C, and E. Therefore, this may help in the strengthening and whitening of skin – they also help keep the skin clean and glowing.
  • Skin diseases can also be prevented by eating a green So, if you or anyone in you know suffers from rashes or some other form of skin condition, you can always enlighten them with this health benefit.
  • Want to stay young? Find more what green apple and green tomato can do for you:

Green Apple Nutrition Facts

1 medium green apple (6.2 oz), 7 oz with refuse, contains about 7 :

  • 103 calories
  • 3 calories from fat
  • 3 grams’ total fat
  • 2mg sodium
  • 1 gram total carbs.
  • 5 grams’ dietary fiber
  • 17 grams’ sugars
  • 8 grams’ protein
  • 9 mg calcium
  • 212 mg potassium 

How to Select and Store Apples?

Apple is a pretty sensitive fruit and you should be careful in its selection and storage 8 . Following, you can find some helpful tips on how to select and store apples; try to check every apple in order to make the finest out of a premium selection.

  • Selecting Green Apples

While buying ‘Granny Smith’ apples look for brightly colored and firm apples having no damages or bruises.
It’s always better to choose individual apples instead of pre-bagged one. This way you can smell the apples before buying them. Avoid apples that smell musky.

  • Storing Green Apples

The ideal place to store these apples is in your fridge. Wrap the green apples up in a plastic bag and put them in the coldest area of the fridge after sprinkling them with some water. This way the apples will stay fresh for about 2-3 weeks.

Normal room temperature can also be suitable for storing apples for a short time. Just ensure to check them regularly as they’ll ripen more quickly than if placed in the fridge. 

How to Use Green Apples?

Making various recipes with ‘Granny Smith’ can be fun! They aren’t just tasty but healthy as well, provided that you bake them the right way.

Granny Smith apples are a crunchy, tart apple, which makes a tasty snack or a tasteful addition to various recipes. Due to their high content of acid, these apples take longer to go brown when you cut into them. Stir them into your oatmeal for breakfast or toss diced green apples into salads. Caramelize chopped apples with a touch of cinnamon and butter to make a warm topping for frozen yogurt.

Green apples can be eaten in numerous ways. You can consume the whole fruit either unpeeled or peeled or could make an apple shake, too. Add them to your ice creams and desserts, or make pies out of them. The ideal way is to eat it as a whole fruit, this way it keeps all the natural nutrients. Smoothie can be also a great option to receive all the nutrients from the apples.

Remember, never consume the seeds of a green apple because they are poisonous and therefore, can prove detrimental to your health.

Green Apples and Mint Smoothie Recipe 

This is probably one of the simplest and easiest smoothie recipes that you can make. This smoothie is creamy, refreshing and delicious! It can be a perfect to-go breakfast choice that will give you a nice, shiny smile and energy through the day. And all you need is 3 main ingredients!

Ingredients (for 2 servings):Green Apples Smoothie Recipe

  • 2 large green apples (peeled and chopped)
  • 2 cups of water
  • A few mint leaves



  • Place all the ingredients into a blender and blend them until smooth. Your smoothie is ready! Serve and enjoy!





Green apples (or ‘Granny Smith’) are not just good for your body and overall health, but they can also help you improve the look and the health of your teeth due to their acidic nature. You can eat a green apple every evening or every morning in order to get the benefits – but, remember, do not peel them because their skin is essential in this process. Raw apples are best for consumption to get all the nutrients, but you can also use them in many smoothies, juices, desserts and other recipes.

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