Unlock the Power of Zesty Wellness: The Incredible Health Benefits of Limes

Lime is a little, green fruit with a juicy pulp related to lemon. Limes are widely used fruit and are some of the most popular citrus fruits on the market today. Once you are aware of the health benefits that limes offer, you may want to find a way to get them into your diet. Limes grown in America are usually sour.

Today, there are 2 main sour lime varieties: Key and Tahitian. Among the former are seedless Bearss and the egg-shaped Persian limes. You may recognize the Key limes that are the inspiration for the popular pie recipe, which is the smallest and even more acidic. Sweet varieties with less citric acid are common in Asia.

Health Benefits of Lime Juice

Lime contains powerful antioxidants (including flavonol glycosides with kaempferol) that research has proven stops cell division in some types of cancer 1 . Experts noted that in some West African villages where epidemics of cholera had appeared, a juice from lime was included in the diet of the people who suffered from this disease and showed really positive results 2 .

Limes can play a significant role in fighting common and severe diseases. Here are some of the best health benefits of limes:

  1. Great for Your Skin

Lime juice is truly beneficial for skin when applied externally or consumed orally. Due to the high amount content of Vitamin C and flavonoids, lime can rejuvenate the skin, protect it from infections, reduce body odor, and keep it shining 3 . When applied externally on your skin, its acids rub out the dead cells, heals rashes, bruises, and dandruff. 4  5 

  1. Help Digestion

As you probably already know, citrus juices have been shown to decrease gastric inflammation and eliminate harmful bacteria, again thanks to the great content of Vitamin C. Add this juice to your meals to protect against gastric illnesses and improve your digestion 6 . This fruit goes extremely well in Thai and Mexican dishes, emphasizing flavor with a refreshing taste, and can be used to marinade fish, poultry, and chicken meat.

  1. Prevent and Treat Common Cold

Vitamin C has been proven in many studies to be crucial in preventing and treating cold and flu 7 
8 . By consuming a lime juice you will increase Vitamin C intake and get rid of seasonal cold or flu. In summer, ginger and honey can be added to a glass of fresh lime juice to boost your immune system and calm a sore throat. Find more natural remedies for a sore throat:

  1. Prevent and Reduce Inflammation

This fruit has been shown to have great anti-inflammatory effects due its great content of Vitamin C. So, if you suffer from sciatic nerve pain, fibromyalgia, gout, arthritis, or some other inflammatory condition, consider using this citrus fruit more regularly! 

  1. Manage Diabetes

Vitamin C supplement, in conjunction with metformin, helps people who suffer from diabetes to manage their blood sugar levels. Therefore, in order to increase vitamin C in your well-balanced diet consume more fruits and vegetables with high levels of this vitamin 9 .

Facts: Lime Juice Health Benefits – The Research

According to the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, lime, and lemon juice, both from the juice concentrates and fresh fruit, deliver more citric acid per liter than orange juice squeezed from the fruit, ready-to-consume orange juice, and ready-to-consume grapefruit juice.

Lime juice and lemon juice are rich sources of citric acid, containing 1.38 and 1.44 g/oz, correspondingly. Lime and lemon juice concentrates contain 1.06 and 1.10 g/oz, correspondingly. The commercial content of citric acid available in lemonade and many other juice products varies, ranging from about 0.03 – 0.22 g/oz.

  1. Prevent Heart Disease

Limes contain soluble fiber that can lower blood pressure and high cholesterol levels 10 . Moreover, the soluble fiber can ease inflammation of the blood vessels that is a proven preventative measure against heart attacks, strokes, and heart disease 11 .

  1. Support Weight Loss

If you are bored with lemon water – a glass of warm lime water, it’s a great refreshing alternative and an excellent way to reduce weight. The citric acid present in this fruit is an exceptional fat burner 12 . You can drink 2 glasses of warm water with lime per day and notice the remarkable results within 2 weeks. Check out how essential oils can help you burn belly fat: LINK

  1. Support Eye Health

The high Vitamin C content in limes can help protect the cornea in your eyes against UV-B radiation that is produced by the sun 13 . With regular consumption of fresh lime juice, you will protect your eyes and improve your vision. 

  1. Prevent Bacteria in Cooked Foods

Due to their high acidity, limes can neutralize harmful bacteria that is found in food that has been stored incorrectly. Experts found that the juice added to food strongly protects against many terrible diseases, particularly when the meals were stored without a fridge 14 
15 . Hence, you can add some fresh lime juice to your dishes that sit outside a refrigerator for a long time in order to protect against bacteria, like at potluck dinners and barbecues. Though it’s highly unlikely you will be fighting cholera, golden staph, and malaria in your own home – still, studies clearly show that this fruit can kill bacteria and has powerful effects on our immune systems and overall health condition 16 .

  1. Improve Treatment of Malaria

In combination with malaria medication, this fruit can significantly improve both the speed and effectiveness of treatments 17 . Plus, it cannot cause any side effects.

Lime Nutrition Facts 

According to the US Department of Agriculture National Nutrient Databases, a juice from 1 lime (about 44 grams) contains 18 :

  • 11 calories
  • 4 grams’ carbohydrate (including 0 grams’ fiber and 1 gram of sugar)
  • 0 grams’ protein
  • Vitamin C (22 % DV)

1 teaspoon of lime zest (about 1 gram) contains 4% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C (1 calorie).

How to Pick the Best Limes at the Grocery Store?

Make sure when purchasing or picking that they’re completely ripe and bright green, as those have the greatest antioxidant benefits. You should keep them out of the sun or they will turn yellow and lose their flavor. Nowadays, limes are used in many different types of products, from skin emollients to toothpaste, and lime sorbet.

How to Cook Limes?

Use to prepare Key lime pie; curries and salsas; marinades for fish and other meat; add in smoothies, cocktails, and juices.




There are various ways to put lime to use. The nutritional benefits derived from this fruit are every bit as significant: vitamin C, antioxidants, flavonol glycosides, and kaempferol, which eases arthritis pain, staves off colds and flu, and eventually may prevent many of diseases such as hardening of the arteries and stomach, skin, breast, lung, mouth, and colon cancers. With every study conducted, experts are turning over more proves that this little, green tropical fruit might have even more huge health advantages.


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