4 Smoothie Mistakes You Shouldn’t Be Making

Smoothie mistakes can reduce the effect of all the essential nutrients you should be consuming. Many people love smoothies. I really enjoy both – preparing and drinking! However, every now and then, you will come across an article warning you about the possible weight gain if you consume them too often. Evidently, there are thousands of fit and healthy people drinking smoothies each day, so it cannot be all that bad. On the other hand, there are also people consuming smoothies trying to lose weight and seeing no progress.

So, what exactly is the deal with smoothies and weight loss (or smoothies and weight gain), then?

Based on many of my clients and thousands of cycles on my food processor, here are 4 common smoothie mistakes that I realize people making. They may not be a problem for you, though, if you are not getting the result you expected from your smoothies, read the following to ensure you’re not doing these stuff wrong.

  1. Under-blending

Let’s not devalue this: Take your time. You want to blend everything so well so that your smoothie is free from the lump. You can prepare smoothie really quick – but that does not mean blending for 3-4 seconds is going to cut it. Aim for 1-2 minutes with a standard blender.

  1. Combining The Wrong Foods

There is a reason why some smoothies are a hit and some tank, although they might taste great. Less is better – is the simple secret to really great smoothie recipe. I always advise my clients to use very few ingredients in their smoothies. The more ingredients you put in the blender – the higher the chances of consuming something that tastes really weird.

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It does not only stop there, though. Odd combinations and particularly weird combinations in large amounts could easily lead to many digestive problems, gas, and bloating, as well as weight gain and energy swings. So, stick with 1 to 3 kinds of fruit and only 1 kind of green or vegetable, and avoid adding large quantities of oils, nuts, and seeds in your smoothie. 

  1. Drinking Too Fast

This mistake is one of the most common ones. I’m quite sure that everyone who consumes smoothies has been guilty for this smoothie mistake at least once. Imagine eating 3-4 large pears in one sitting – that may leave you feeling a bit stuffed. But put them in a blender, and you will get 2-3 cups of pear smoothie. Not all that hard to consume, right?

It may seem like a lot, but if we are talking breakfast, 3-4 large pears will just about keep you going until mealtime. There are persons who make their smoothies even bigger (well, I used to be one of them) and that is where it is even easier to get everything wrong.

Eating just one pear (or some other fruit) will leave you feeling full more quickly than when you mix and drink it down. It’s normal – as studies have proven that eating your meal by drinking it brings a high risk of overconsumption. Therefore, drinking your smoothie too fast could trick your body into consuming more than your daily caloric requirements. You begin feeling hungry after just 1-2 hours even after drinking a big jug of your favorite smoothie – that makes it easier to gain weight.

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So, what’s the solution?

Try discipline yourself – drink your smoothie slower. You can also make smoothie bowls. There is not much you do differently, apart from that you consume your smoothie with a spoon and plus, you could add a few chopped nuts, or some cut, unblended fruit in it. This gives you more time to enjoy the meal, get more energy, and improve your metabolism.

There are so many studies showing that simply eating slower could persist your energy for the day – just like with soups. Scientists found that consuming soups lead to increased fullness and a higher reduction of hunger, compared to solid food. Therefore, it means you can grab a spoon and take a smoothie bowl just like you would enjoy your favorite soup.

  1. Drinking Too Little

Just another classic smoothie mistake that’s quite the opposite of no. 3 is taking a small smoothie cup and thinking it’s just enough to power you throughout the day. Blending ½ a cup of berries, a banana, and a small green apple taste delicious, but in terms of energy, it is around 5-10% of what an average person need in 24 hours.

You could still get numerous micronutrients from a small smoothie if you are using it as a container for your daily dose of superfoods and greens, however, you also need the energy to keep you going. Because going very low on your energy intake could lead to brain fog and all kinds of unhealthy snacking as the body badly tries to fuel up.

If you consume smoothie instead of meals, and not simply as a healthy, daily addition, you really should not be afraid of making them bigger – well, as long as you consume them slowly, right?

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Herbs, spices, powders, and superfoods to improve the taste are up to you… however, I personally wouldn’t go overboard with them, either. Remember – is better to use less rather than more.



Smoothie mistakes can lead you to many digestive problems and weight gain. Drinking your smoothie too fast could trick your body into consuming more than your daily caloric requirements. Weight gain or weight loss from smoothies is all about the amount and the way you consume them. The bottom line is that if you have a habit of drinking smoothies regularly – that’s great! Smoothie is a tasty way to get all the essential nutrients you need for a healthy lifestyle, however, eating too little, too much or even some combining mistakes could make you miss out on the health benefits of smoothies you could be getting.




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