9 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body Naturally

Detox (detoxification) is a popular way to eliminate toxins from your body. Some people report feeling more energetic and focused during and after detox process. However, there is little evidence that detox diets actually eliminate toxins from the body. Indeed, the liver and kidneys are usually quite effective at filtering and removing most ingested toxins. A simple change in your diet and lifestyle can help you detoxify your body naturally and lead a healthier life 1  2  3 . 

The Best Natural Detox Methods


This article will break down some of the current methods which help your body, naturally, reach a detoxified state. Ensure to avoid sugars, yeast, refined foods, MSG, dairy products, whole-grain starches, caffeine and alcohol, soy, chocolate, and peanuts, while doing any kind of cleanse or fast 4 .

These simple ways to restore your form will help you feel healthier than ever!

  1. Start with Water

A glass of warm water with a fresh juice from half of a lemon in the morning will re-hydrate your system and promote digestion, which will aid the flow of waste out of the body.

  1. Cut Your Sugar Intake

A seasonal detox is a great way to clear your body from toxins that will also speed up your metabolism and improve your overall health. You can start by reducing the amount of sugar you take (that includes molasses, honey, and artificial sweeteners). For the reason that consuming sugar on a long term, can cause you to become diabetic, chronically fatigued, pack on excess weight, and develop cancer.

  1. Move Your Body

Regular exercise boosts circulation in your lymph system and the blood. Doing so will also reduce tension, enhance digestion, lubricate your joints, and strengthen the body. It’s a proven fact – individuals who exercise regularly have the far smaller amount of toxins in their systems.

  1. Eat Organic

A colorful variety of vegetables and fruits should be the main focus of every well-balanced diet, along with beans, legumes, whole grains, and small amounts of seeds and nuts. You should consume whole plant foods since the processed foods don’t have the essential nutrients your body needs. For example, dark green vegetables are full of micronutrients and are really low in calories, therefore, you can eat a lot of them. We suggest you the Mediterranean diet full of fruits and vegetables as a healthy way of eating.

  1. Drink a Lot of Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is full of antioxidants and can hydrate you and fill you up. This means you will be less likely to overdose or consume the wrong things! Just keep in mind, the caffeine in herbal tea is different than the caffeine in your coffee—it is gentler on the system. Plus, it will give you a pick-me-up without the jitters. Black tea is a great choice for detoxification.


  1. Sweat It Out in a Sauna

Many fitness instructors are already big fans of detoxing in the sauna. This is an ideal way to lose weight and detoxify your body naturally. There is nothing more detoxing than sweating it out! 

  1. Exfoliate

Oil massages and skin brushing will help exfoliate all the toxins from your skin and improve circulation.  Your Health Tubers recommend you to use organic face scrubs and natural exfoliators. You can also find some great DIY scrub recipes online.

  1. Combat Environmental Pollutants

Do not forget that allergens and pollution are all around us. They are in the air and could easily trigger allergy symptoms (like puffy, yucky, red eyes). If you suffer from allergies, check out some effective natural remedies: http://yourhealthtube.com/allergy-find-right-remedy/

The host of the talk show The Doctors, Dr. Travis Stork, recommend you to flush the nasal passages frequently by using a Neti Pot. This way you can get rid of the side effects of air pollutants and initiate better breathing naturally. We advise you to you use the Neti Pot before bed—it will improve your sleep.

  1. Include Cleansing Spices in Your Diet

Coupling an organic diet with the use of certain cleansing spices is an amazing way of creating change in your body. Cleansing spices to include in your diet include turmeric, clove, parsley, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, cilantro, fenugreek, cayenne pepper, clove, rosemary, and black pepper.




Many cleansing diets, fasting programs, and herbs may seem like modern health trends, but societies have used natural detoxifying methods to cleanse the body for centuries. In fact, some religions encourage persons to fast as a means of cleansing both the mind and the body for spiritual practices. Polluted food and toxic systems, environment, water and air make cleansing the liver, colon and other organs more important now than ever. The problem of over-pollution might be responsible for harmful effects on the immune system, a scenario that makes us very susceptible to chronic degenerative diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, some forms of cancer, and more. The above mentioned simple ways can help you to detox your body naturally and live a healthier life.

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