9 Ways to Treat Your Feet Right

Are you looking for the best ways to treat your feet right? You are just at the right place. Believe me when I say that you don’t need to pay for an expensive spa treatment for your feet to be gorgeous, simple and natural procedures are enough. In this article, I will show you the best 9 ways to treat your feet right. Most of these procedures are completely natural and healthy.

9 Best Tips to Take Care of Your Feet

1. Scrub everyday

Treating your feet right starts with cleanliness. Keep a foot file or maybe a pumice stone in your shower alongside the nail brush and every time you bathe, spend a few minutes concentrating on your feet. While washing your feet, Scrub under the nails and use a cloth to wash between your toes. Also, pay attention to the rough areas but don’t scrub too hard. Scrubbing your feet every day also helps you deal with tan.

2. Keep your toes and feet dry

After scrubbing your feet, make sure you dry them completely. Washing and drying your feet helps to do away with problems such as bad odor, athlete’s foot bacteria and fungi infections. Leaving your feet wet, especially the toes provides a humble environment for the problems that we have just mentioned. Towel-drying your feet is also a natural remedy that you can practice if you notice scaling skin or flaking. Having that in mind, it is healthy that you towel-dry your feet after having contact with water.

3. Soften your Foot Skin

We are all looking for smooth and gorgeous feet, so we cannot let our feet stay dried and cracked. If you like soaking your feet, fine, just don’t use the Epsom salts; they don’t offer any health benefit, and they are also too drying. Instead, use some warm water and a little liquid soap, the dish washing solution will do well since it contains skin softeners. After washing your feet, apply a moisturizer; lotions and creams are fine.

4. Clip nails right

Some people like it when their nails are long, others like it when they are short. Any of these is right, only that you should not allow them to grow too long or clip them too short. I am pretty sure you will agree with me when I say; very long nails or clipping your nails too short can cause discomfort in a way. So, the best thing to do is clipping your nails right. Use small clippers to trim your nails right.

5. Get a pedicure

Pedicure is one of the best treatments that leave your feet and toes adorable. You can do it yourself or choose to visit a salon. When you are getting a pedicure in the salon, be cautious about the cleanliness of tools and tabs. I recommend home pedicure; it is cheap and safe. If you must go to the salon; choose a salon that you trust with your feet.

6. Alternate the shoes you wear

Wearing shoes without giving them a break is likely to trigger odor and skin infections. To ensure you are safe from skin infections and bad odors, it is a wise idea to alternate shoes. This gives humble time for shoes to air out. In conjunction to this, always keep your shoes and socks clean.

7. Wear the right size of footwear

Make sure you wear the right size of your footwear so that your feet don’t have to hurt. Loose shoes can cause bruises on your feet while tight shoes can distort toe shape, worsen bunions and also cause painful foot growths. For this reasons, wear shoes that feel comfortable and friendly to your feet. When making your selection, make sure the toe boxes are wide enough. If you are in love with high heels, choose heels that are stable and wide; also, it is important that you alternate heel heights regularly to avoid your Achilles tendon from shortening.

8. Avoid flip-flop footwear

Just like walking barefooted, flip-flop shoes are completely flat and does not provide any arch support. They don’t provide your feet with the needed support while walking. So, avoid wearing flip flop footwear as much as possible.

9. Sun protect your feet

When sun-screening your body, it’s easy to forget about your feet. Just like any other area of your body, your feet can get sunburned too. So, the next time you will be wearing sandals, rub a generous amount of sunscreen cream on your feet.

Final Verdict

Your feet need love too, that is why I have given you the best tips to take care of them. These ways will also help you soothe your feet and keep them healthy.

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