Exercise While Watching TV – Incredible way to lose weight!

Exercise while watching TV show and burn up to 351 calories! Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? But, if watching TV is an addiction to you, or you don’t have enough time for gym during the day – this is your great salvation!

Some of the Cook Vita – readers already tried this method and really get into it. So, they wrote us about their successful experience, and after a little research we decided to share these incredible tips with you:

  1. Put your exercise equipment in front of the TV

Dust off your treadmill or abdominal exercise machine and put it right in front of your TV. That way you can watch the Wendy Williams Show, or The Big Bang Theory while walking or training your abs. 

  1. Play around and burn calories!

Scientists have proven that people who fidget while sitting down can burn more than 350 calories on a daily base. In accordance with a study, when your body’s in motion, it’s burning more calories! 

  1. Perform quick & easy cardio routines during commercials

Walk in place, jump rope, or use dumbbells to get your heart rate up. Have fun in your living room by performing cardio routines while the commercials are on. That will help to improve the work of your heart. 

  1. Do some lunges

You can do some walking lunges or lunges in place around you living room while your favorite show is on. 

  1. Walk in place

You do not need any special equipment for this activity! Simply move your legs up and down and burn some calories! 

  1. Do squats in place

You should try doing squats in place. See how many squats you can do like that. You can also do it up against a wall into a sitting position.

  1. Watch exercise TV shows and move your butt!

Watch exercise TV shows and repeat the moves along with them. There are various free cable channels who have exercise shows during the day, from beginner to advanced exercises. Find a program that is good for you.



Being a couch potato is really bad for your health, not just to the physical appearance. This is an amazing way to stop making excuses, do some exercise and lose weight. If you are confident you can pull off anything. Exercise while watching your favorite TV program and enjoy!

Reference: Fitwatch

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