Healthy eating? Do it the Bahamas Way!

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Any regular readers of this blog will know that I love checking out the local cuisines of the places I visit. My culinary curiosity has led me to some absolutely amazing meals, and believesme when I say the Bahamas is no exception! With simply outstanding fresh seafood at almost every turn on these islands, it is impossible to not eat really well.

While there are plenty of great places to eat out in the Bahamas, there are also many lesser-known local gems cooking up high-quality fare at affordable prices. I’ve learned from the 90 countries I’ve been to that sometimes the best food comes from the most modest kitchens, and Doc Sand’s Conch Stall proves that rule. For just a few American dollars you can get the freshest, most filing seafood meal on the islands. The secret is in the simplicity – no additives, no freezing – just caught from sea to table in the same day.

Hidden away underneath Paradise Bridge in the Potter’s Cay district, proprietor Nicola Sands prepares fresh conch (pronounced “konk”) salads with fresh tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lime juice.

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Another favorite of locals is Arawak Cay on the island of Nassau. A row of restaurant shacks offering traditional Bahamian cuisine such as rice and pigeon peas, fried snapper and conch fritters, all of these fantastic huts guarantee top quality food at incredibly reasonable prices.  Oh Andros and Twin Brothers are especially popular and are always teeming with locals – a great indicator of the quality of their food.

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Also frequently recommended by locals is Pepper Pot, hidden away in an unremarkable building on the corner of Coral Road and East Sunrise Highway. Serving up outstanding jerk chicken, steamed plantains, fried fish, and oxtail, it is no surprise that it remains so popular with those looking for something reasonably priced and away from the crowds. If you’re feeling brave, check out the Sour Sop drink, a concoction of milk and seasonal local fruit, certainly an acquired taste!

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There are hundreds of trucks and stalls offering great cuisine all over the islands, but one of the locals’ favorites is by the Nassau Airport Industrial Park. Follow the dusty construction worker footprints heading west of the airport’s runway to a truck offering stewed turkey and a tangy goat pepper sauce. Alternatively, mingle with locals queuing up for their breakfast before work in the Atlantis Employee Parking Lot on Paradise Island, here you can get a hearty breakfast of tuna salad, steamed sausage, sardines, eggs or rice for a reasonable $2.50. 

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Alternatively, once you have found your favorite dish you can save even more money by researching the recipe and ordering the ingredients to be delivered to your accommodation by Food Store 2 Go.  There are hundreds of great traditional recipes online which will guarantee you an authentic Bahamian experience at a fraction of the cost. Plus you have the added bonus of adding more culinary skills to your repertoire!

Taking a cooking lesson on the island is another great way to get a true taste of the Bahamas. From touring the local markets to selecting the produce and learning how to cook it, you will be hard pushed to find a more authentic Bahamian experience.


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