Orange Essential Oil: Surprising Health Benefits

Orange essential oil is a cold-pressed oil from the rinds of oranges. This oil with a juicy, fresh aroma has incredible health benefits that can be attributed to its great properties as an antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, aphrodisiac, diuretic, antiseptic, carminative, sedative, tonic and cholagogue substance. Orange uses support peace and calming. It’s rich naturally occurring d-limonene.

What is Limonene? D-limonene is typically contained in the peels of many citrus fruits, such as lemon, grapefruit, and tangerine 1 .

Orange Essential Oil

What Is Orange Oil?

Orange (Citrus sinensis) is part of the Rutaceae familyThis fruit comes from a tiny grayish-brown bark tree that is similar to a shrub. The branches of the orange tree grow to a ve oval-shaped foliage and regular hemisphere shape, which sprouts to at least 3-4 inches. The flowers of the orange tree are well-known by their great aromatic characteristic, and the fruit is a little bit darker and rougher in comparison to some other varieties of citrus.

It is said to be first obtained from a native tree in China, but an orange tree has also been cultivated widely in the North and South America, the Mediterranean region, Portugal, and France 2 .

Orange oil is widely utilized in aromatherapy as it can soothe tensed muscles and treat depression. This oil can also be useful in maintaining a youthful look when applied externally. 

Uses of Orange Essential Oil

Orange essential oil has various medicinal, domestic, and industrial uses. Domestically, it’s used to add orange flavor to numerous beverages, sweetmeats, and desserts. Industrially, it’s used in body lotions, soaps, wrinkle-lifting and anti-aging applications, creams, sprays, concentrates for soft beverages, deodorants, room fresheners, biscuits, bakery and confectionery items, and chocolates.  

Health Benefits of Orange Essential Oil

The strong aroma and taste that come from the orange are exactly what is concentrated in orange oil. A powerful formula of the active ingredients of orange is responsible for its amazing healing abilities.

Limonene (85-96%) and myrcene (0.5-3%) are the most prominent active ingredients in the orange essential oil. Limonene is particularly considered a potent antioxidant which fights inflammation and free radical damage that can lead to numerous diseases. These powerful compounds are considered forms of monoterpenes, which are a dietary component in various citrus oils that have demonstrated some great anti-tumor activities.

According to research, the most impressive benefits of orange essential oil include 3 4 5 :

  • Increasing circulation
  • Fighting cancerous tumors
  • Easing anxiety
  • Killing pathogens and bacteria
  • Improving complexion
  • Decreasing hypertension
  • Decreasing wrinkles

There are numerous great properties of orange essential oil that include:

  1. Antiseptic

Orange oil can help people avoid both tetanus and fungal, septic infections as they inhibit microbial growth and disinfect the wound.

  1. Antispasmodic

Spasms can result in numerous serious or irritating problems including convulsions, continuous coughing, extreme diarrhea, and muscle cramps. Spasms need to be prevented on time or treated early, in order to avoid these unwanted effects. This can be accomplished with the help of orange essential oil that relaxes nervous and muscular spasms.

  1. Anti-inflammatory

This oil can provide quick and effective relief from inflammation, whether external or internal. Regardless of the reason, whether it’s excessive intake of spices, infections, fever, gas, ingestion of narcotics, or toxic substances, gas, side effects of antibiotics, orange oil can reduce the knee pain and irritation.

  1. Sedative

Every time you need to cool down after a really hard day at work or are suffering from inflammation of any kind, you can reach for a natural sedative that can help you calm and relax. The artificial drugs or sedatives available on the market are generally tranquilizers based on certain narcotics and some other synthetic forms. If you use them for a long term, they can do immense damage to your heart and many other internal organs. It’s a much better to choose a natural product like orange oil. This oil alleviates anger, anxiety, depression and other bodily inflammations.

  1. Cholagogue

It promotes secretion from every appropriate gland, including endocrine and exocrine. Hence, it is often used to promote lactation, bile, menstruation, digestive juices, enzymes, and hormones.

  1. Aphrodisiac

Orange oil has some mild aphrodisiac properties. Systematic and regular usage can cure many problems, such as impotence, frigidity, loss of interest in sex, erectile dysfunction, and decreased libido.

  1. Diuretic

Essential oil of orange can eliminate excess gas of the body, and then help you get rid of the toxins. This oil promotes urination that removes toxins like bile, uric acid, pollutants, excess salts, and of course, excess water within the urine. Moreover, urination increases appetite and supports digestion. Orange oil contributes towards losing fats that make it great for your heart as well.

  1. Antidepressant

Orange oil has a really nice smell that usually brings pleasant thoughts to our mind and reminds us of happy moments. That is why orange oil is very often used in aromatherapy. It creates relaxed and happy feelings and works as a great mood lifter, ideal for people who suffer from chronic anxiety and depression. A research found that natural orange oil helps to ease rate and salivary cortisol due to a state of child anxiety.

  1. Tonic

The relation of a tonic to our body is similar to repairing and servicing a vehicle. A tonic supports each system that functions in the body, contributes to strength, keeps the metabolic system in right shape, and boosts immunity.

  1. Alzheimer’s Disease

A research found that aromatherapy using an orange oil can aid in improving cognitive function, particularly in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease 6 . 

  1. Carminative

Orange oil can relax the anal and abdominal muscles, letting the gas escape and therefore, it can help reduce high blood pressure, ease stomach aches, and support heart health. Further, it doesn’t let additional gas form.

  1. Insecticide

Studies suggest that essential oil from orange is excellent against pupae and larvae of a housefly and can aid in the elimination of houseflies 7 .

Other Benefits

Orange essential oil can serve as a detoxifier, treat dyspepsia and constipation, boost immunity, and is great for maintaining smooth, glamorous and healthy skin. It also helps to cure dermatitis and acne.

Is Orange Essential Oil Safe?

The essential oil of orange is generally safe when used. Though, a person needs to avoid sunlight after applying it as it can cause phototoxicity 8 . Orange oil may result in nausea and vomiting when consumed in large amounts. If you are epileptic, pregnant, or have some other medical problems, Your Health Tubers recommend you to consult first with a specialized aromatherapy practitioner before using it.

Side Effects of Orange Essential Oil

When using this oil for therapeutic needs, you should dilute it with a lotion or base oil. We do not recommend using the orange oil in very high concentrations as it can cause skin inflammation or dermatitis.

Albeit orange essential oil has numerous health benefits, Your Health Tubers still recommend you to consult first with a health care professional before applying it.




Use orange essential oils to promote feelings of peace. The simplest and easiest way to benefit from orange is to use orange essential oil. Simply add 1-2 drops to your favorite meal, water or drink. Or just diffuse for a great emotional lift! Either way, this oil is a welcome addition to your home or work!


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