Biggest Loser Diet: #1 Fast Weight Loss Diet

Biggest Loser Diet is the best fast weight loss diet for 2016 1 . So, are you ready to eat and train like people on the TV show The Biggest Loser, but without camera following your around all day?

In order to lose weight, feel better, get stronger, and help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol levels you can do a similar plan at home. In can transform your life – if you are ready for the intense commitment.

Biggest Loser Diet: Foods to Eat and Not to Eat 

biggest loser diet

You should eat small and frequent meals. Most of the food is low-fat dairy or soy, lean protein, vegetables, fruits, beans, nuts, and whole grains.

This diet plan is based on The Biggest Loser’s 4-3-2-1 Pyramid 2 :

  • 2 servings of whole grains;
  • 3 servings of lean protein;
  • 4 servings of vegetables and fruits, and
  • 200 calories of “extras”

Generally, the foods are very low in calories and high in fiber – so they can help you feel fuller longer. By consuming 5-6 small meals and snacks, you will keep your hunger and blood pressure in check.

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The diet recommends avoiding caffeine and drinking 6-8 glasses water daily.

The Biggest Loser Diet requires a lot of dedication. You should get good at reading food labels, and you should exercise a lot.

Limitations:  You may consume from all food groups. However, some of the meal plans might go under 1200 calories a day, making it quite hard to meet nutritional requirements without any supplements.

Cooking and shopping: The nutrients you should be eating are commonly available in all grocery stores. Plus, there are Biggest Loser cookbooks you could follow.

Amy Wolff, a former contestant, said she carries a calorie-counting reference book in her bag and explores healthy menu choices before eating out 3 . She also recommends keeping a food journal, watching that you do not eat too much fiber, fat, protein, and carbs, and not giving in to food cravings.

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Meals or packaged foods: None required.

Exercise: Required. It is a big time commitment which pays off.

In-person meeting: No.

Health Benefits of the Biggest Loser Diet 

By helping you shed pounds, the diet can help lower your odds of getting heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, certain cancers, and high blood pressure. The exercise is also great for you.

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The diet plan includes whole foods, which are low in salt and saturated fat and high in fiber. The diet is in line with what biggest health organizations vouch for, including the American Heart Association.

According to Dr. Arefa Cassoobhoy, MD, MPH, a medical editor at WebMD, this diet works perfectly 4 . Moreover, the research proves it and it makes sense. When you work out and limit your foods to healthier choices in little portions, you will definitely lose weight fast.

The benefit of working out during weight loss process is the ability to lose body fat while maintaining muscle. One research found that persons who followed the biggest loser diet maintained more lean body mass than those who had bariatric surgery. However, that did not stop metabolism from plummeting in both groups, probably because of consuming so few calories. 5 

Critics claim The Biggest Loser diet as shown on the TV show is irrational for the average person, because it is extreme. This is probably true, but if you have a large quantity of weight to lose, an initial focus on getting a lot of weight off rapidly might be motivating.

When you lose the weight you will be preventing various medical conditions associated with obesity. You will lower your risk of heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, and diabetes. The workout will increase your stamina, flexibility, and core strength. You will be able to get out, socialize, and live life with other people by doing activities like hiking and biking.

If you already have heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, or high blood pressure, check with your GP before you start this exercise program and challenging diet.

Does It Allow for Dietary Restrictions or Preferences?

Vegans and vegetarians: You will find plenty of plant-based sources of protein to eat on this diet.

Gluten-free: Food that includes gluten is not off-limits on this plan. However, you should be able to make it work if you are avoiding gluten. Meal plans could be adapted for specific food preferences in The Biggest Loser Club. You will still need to read food labels in order to avoid gluten completely.

About The Biggest Lose Club 

Costs: If you join The Biggest Loser Club ($39.99, first 3 months), you will follow an express, six-week weight loss plan. You get recipes and meal plans, exercise featuring the trainers of the show, an exercise, and food tracker, and online support. You will get weigh-in reminders and chart your progress online.

Support: You could follow the Biggest Loser Diet by reading some Biggest Loser book. There are extra tools available at the Biggest Loser website, including DVDs, cookbooks, Nintendo Wii and Xbox games, workout music, and equipment. You can even visit The Biggest Loser Resort, a weight loss program with locations in New York, California, Chicago, and Utah.


Biggest Loser Diet ranked in Best Fast Weight-Loss Diets. 38 diets were calculated by health professionals.

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Biggest Loser Diet is a weight loss program that is a little bit extreme for home conditions. This exercise program and no-nonsense diet work, but it’s not for everyone. You have to participate in high levels of exercise and consume many fewer calories to lose weight.

Do not get frustrated if you are not losing weight as rapid as the TV-show stories, as the study shows the levels of activities on the show are not maintainable in a real life setting. It is more significant to make exercise and diet a regular and pleasurable part of your life.


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