Dr. Ed Picardi of South Dakota on Why Doctors Should Not Shy Away from Discussing Public Health Policies

Dr. Edward Picardi is a practitioner who has had decades of experience as a General Surgeon in Rapid City, South Dakota. Dr. Picardi believes that it is “proper to fight for what is right and to uphold the beliefs of family, church and our US Constitution”.

Ed Picardi has served his country first as a military officer who fought in the Desert Storm and the Desert Shield. He studied Bioengineering at the University of Pennsylvania. He chose to be a surgeon to help the unborn and the elderly.

Dr. Ed Picardi of South Dakota on Why Doctors Should Not Shy Away from Discussing Public Health Policies

One thing that sets him apart is his dedication for speaking out for the voiceless in the community. He started speaking out against health care systems back in 1993 when he voiced his opposition against HillaryCare. He also voiced his opposition to ObamaCare and his outspoken nature would cause him to lose his practice.

In 2013, he was wrongfully convicted by forces backed by powerful politicians who were not happy with his opposition to some health care policies that he believes are not beneficial to the patients. These charges were later dropped after Nebraska’s Medical board reviewed them.

For Dr. Picardi, a doctor speaking for their patients’ rights is nothing unusual that other practitioners in the sector should shy about. Even though it may be seen as political, healthcare is a crucial part of our society today that helps to uphold our physical and mental wellbeing. Furthermore, health care is projected to take approximately a fifth of the national budget in the coming years.

Medical practitioners are often in a good position to determine if certain policies are going to have a positive impact that is claimed. They spend hours every day consulting, diagnosing and treating patients with various ailments and conditions.

Doctors and surgeons see firsthand the challenges that patients from different backgrounds go through when they are trying to get the best level of care. Dr. Picardi believes that failing to point out the weaknesses in healthcare policies is unethical. As long as sensitive political issues are not raised when talking to patients, the contribution of practitioners is necessary for shaping public policies.

Doctors providing their own viewpoint of policies to the public helps to shape a more informed view of the programs proposed by the government. He believes that not only should doctors be barred from speaking out, but that they should be encouraged as their input into the discourse can have a positive impact on the health of the community.

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