Best Ways to Take Care of your Skin at Night

Taking care of your skin at night is something which a lot of people are unsure about. Many people think that simply following your same daytime routine will suffice, but that is not always true. The existence of any number of sites talking about the top evening lotions that someone can buy should be evidence enough that an evening routine should not always be the same as a morning one. The essentials are the same, since people are aiming for the same basic goal (clean skin), but some of the specifics are markedly different.

Wash your face to remove all make-up and dirt

Remember that you have spent all day with your face essentially under a mask, particularly if you wear make-up. To start the process of taking care of your skin at night, make sure that your face is scrupulously clean, and scrupulously free of make-up. Make up can clog your pores if it is left on overnight, so it is important to get it all off. Make-up can also keep the effects of any other treatments you put on your face less likely to work, which is another reason to take it off.

Another thing to remember is that, unless you live in an extremely rural area, air pollution is rampant. Cities are particularly bad for this, and the skin on your face has been exposed to it all day. Washing your face gets rid of the dirt and sweat which has accumulated as a result of being exposed to the elements.


Use a lotion or cream which is good for your skin

There are any number of lotions and creams which are specifically formulated for night time skincare. Just like every day moisturisers, there are different types of lotions and creams for different skin types, different skin needs, and different uses – if someone wants to specifically buy an anti-ageing cream, for example, that would be a different recipe from a simple night cream.

Using a lotion is good practice, because it locks in moisture throughout the night, and supports the skin in its overnight rejuvenation. Some of these lotions can also provide that moisture, at least in part, and help to keep skin from drying out. This is particularly important as people get older, and their skin dries out.


Drink water

Remember to drink water before bed, as sleep is when skin repairs itself, and it needs water to be able to do this effectively. Hydrating yourself allows for oxygen to be carried to the various parts of your body more effectively, which allows for damage to be repaired, and hydration itself is something that will help skin to look at its best.

Drinking water is good all round, and it is something that will show up on your skin almost immediately – it helps to keep skin clear, gives it (and your hair) a sheen which it wouldn’t otherwise have, and helps to keep your skin looking good throughout your life.

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