Purple Bread – The First Baked Superfood

Purple bread is being greeted as the first baked superfood. Zhou Weibiao, who is a food scientist at the National University of Singapore 1 , has recently proven that white bread is processed too fast, thorns blood sugar levels and is related to obesity 2 . Briefly, it is the enemy of healthy eaters.

In case you love white bread but you try to avoid it due to the lack of fiber and carbs, minerals, and vitamins, but still the texture of whole grain bread turns you off, then purple bread may be the real answer for you. The reason why people often consume a white bread than they should is because this bread is digested too quickly.

So, Professor Welbiao created a purple bread that is rich in antioxidants and made completely of natural compounds. This bread is digested about 21% more slowly than the regular, white bread.

purple bread


The color purple

Anthocyanin is a natural pigment that can be found in vegetables and fruits such as blueberries, sweet potatoes, and grapes, which is responsible for their vibrant hue.

However, professor Welbiao claims that not all fruits and vegetables with purple color are superfoods.

Studies have proven that anthocyanin can prevent cancer, as well as neurological and cardiovascular diseases, and play a significant role in controlling diabetes and obesity, as they can reduce glucose levels.

The bread was created using anthocyanin extracted from black rice. When anthocyanin is mixed with the starch of the bread, a chemical reaction happens that results in the 21 percent slower digestion. Purple bread contains the equal amount of wheat flour and starch, so the calorie counts are identical as regular white bread. But, what is most important the people won’t have the equal energy crash, which they have when they consume white bread.

Up to 80% of the antioxidants and other nutritious qualities of the bread endure baking in its crumbs and crust, even at 392 °F. This bread also has a smooth texture as the white bread, which people love. However, despite its great antioxidant capacity and related health benefits, the facts of using anthocyanin as an ingredient in food products is so limited.

The purple bread is not until now commercially available, but professor Zhou Weibiao said he has been approached by a great number of major food manufacturers.




Purple bread is a great invention that can give us the pleasure to enjoy eating bread and lead a healthy diet. It won’t necessarily be a healthy alternative to white bread for people with diabetes or gluten sensitivities. But for commonly healthy bread-lovers, it can be a better, once-in-a-while treat. If you want to slow down digestion and enjoy the taste of white bread, this is undoubtedly the best formula. Plus, its color is not bad at all, isn’t it?

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