The Top Five Foods and Drinks to Avoid With Braces

There are multiple types of braces, both the kind which are permanent (until they are removed by a professional), and the various kinds which can be taken out over time, such as to eat, or to sleep. Removable braces are fine for any kind of food, so long as you remember to brush your teeth after eating, but permanent braces are anotherstory. Braces are improving with our modern technology, but they can still be quite delicate.


Since these types of braces are fixed onto the teeth using metal and wires, people need to be careful about what they eat, since there is the possibility that they could damage the wires, or warp them out of position, which will in turn affect the teeth they are attached to. Fortunately, any good orthodontist  blog will most likely have a pager or two dedicated to the foods to avoid, and general braces care.


Sticky Food

All sticky foods are bad for braces, since they can stuck to the wires, and get in between your teeth (with the braces making it difficult to get in between them to clean properly), and generally cause problems.


Chewing Gum 

Chewing gum is bad for anybody with braces because the gum can get stuck to the wires, and therefore become extremely difficult to remove without damaging them. Gum can warp the wires, making it necessary to change them in extreme cases.



Toffee (and caramel) seems to be the bane of dentists generally – they aren’t advised for people with any kind of crowns or veneers either. When it comes to braces, a toffee can get stuck to the metalwork in somebody’s mouth, and if that is pulled off, the results can be extremely painful. Sticky toffees are also not good for the wires, as they can be pulled out of alignment.


Corn on the Cob

Admittedly, this is an odd one, especially since normally healthy roughage is good for teeth, helping to keep them clean. But corn on the cob in particular is bad for braces because the act of eating it can knock braces and wires out of place. You don’t have to give up corn completely – you just need to remove it from the cob before you dig in.


Fizzy Drinks

Braces make it more difficult to clean your teeth, so fizzy drinks should be avoided. The sugar and acid in them means that your teeth are in danger of plaque and decay from the effect of the drink, and if you can’t clean your teeth effectively, then it becomes more difficult to stave off the long-term effects. In addition, braces can sometimes cause a build-up of plaque around the hardware itself, which can become permanent if not cleaned off.


Hard Tacos

Tacos aren’t completely out if you have braces, but the hard shell ones could potentially damage the braces and wires in your mouth, so they are best avoided. Hard shells can break the metal, or push it the wrong way.

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